Community Dialogue Session
Community Dialogue Session under the GAVI Project in Fezzan Ward of MMC, Borno State

In Nigeria, the Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunization (GAVI) Civil Society Organisation (CSO)  platform is designed to mobilise communities towards achieving national goals and objectives on health and immunization.

In early 2017, Kanem-Borno Human Development Association was one of the six organisations selected in Borno State to carry out community engagement to advocate for the functionality of primary health care system and continue to mobilise community and LGA support and ownership of Primary Health Care (PHC). This is expected to stimulate increase in the uptake of routine immunization and engender community ownership of the process.

The GAVI CSO project has so far achieved in 1st quarter 2017:

  • KABHUDA has conducted health talks with 140 nursing mothers in Fezzan ward of Maiduguri Metropolitan Council (MMC)
  • KABHUDA has executed community dialogue with 240 community residents in Fezzan ward of MMC.
  • KABHUDA has engaged 4 opinion leaders in Fezzan ward of MMC
  • KABHUDA has conducted house-to-house interpersonal communications with 50 heads of household in Fezzan ward MMC.
  • Four community health volunteers have carried out immunization monitoring and tracking where 25 households in Fezzan ward of MMC were identified as having not received the previous immunization exercise and that has been escalated to the MMC PHC department for corrective action.

The GAVI CSO project was continued throughout 2017 by KABHUDA in MMC and Jere LGA.

Project Status:
This has so far reached 1000 target beneficiaries. The project has been stopped due to under funding.