Emergency Food and Energy Assistance to 6000 New Arrivals in Pulka – Gwoza Local Government Area of Borno State

This project aims to provide food support (wet food) and fuel-efficient stove to New Arrival IDPs in Gwoza (Pulka) LGA of Borno state. The major deliverables include:

  • Provision of wet feeding support to 6,000 most vulnerable IDPs with no means of preparing the food items. The support will cover breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days for each target beneficiaries.
    • Breakfast – Pap (Kunu geda), Beans cake and bread or tea, bread and beans cake.
    • Lunch – Rice, beans, protein or ‘tuwo shinkafa’ and protein.
    • Dinner – Rice, beans, protein or ‘tuwo shinkafa’ and protein.
  • Provision of fuel-efficient stoves to 3,000 household. This will involve carrying out a baseline survey of energy utilization, training on usage of the Fuel – Efficient Stove (FES) and distribution of FES. A post distribution survey will also be carried out to evaluate the impact of the intervention.
    • Provision of Fuel-efficient stove – 3,000 HH for 6 months.

The goal of the project is to provide emergency support to new arrival internally displace persons (IDPs) at identified entry point in partnership with the Nigerian government, International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and other related stakeholders to address food related emergencies faced by the IDPs. The food and fuel-efficient stove are critical to ensuring that the affected population can effectively and safely cook food, maximizing nutritional intake, and minimize protection vulnerabilities associated with fetching firewood.

The targeted beneficiaries are new arrivals in Gwoza LGA of Borno State. The beneficiaries will be identified at reception points where IOM is documenting new arrival IDPs and with the aid of an on-spot assessment, beneficiaries will be profiled and appropriate intervention provided. Additionally, IDPs in overcrowded displacement camps within the coverage LGAs will also benefit from the intervention. The most vulnerable among the New Arrivals without access to both prepared meals and environment friendly source of fuel will be programmed for both wet food and fuel-efficient stoves (FES).

This project commenced on 7th January 2019 and will continue up until June, 2019.

Project Status: Ongoing.