The main objective of this integrated education project is to provide access to safe protective and quality education for conflict affected children (aged between 6-12) in IDP camps and 2 public schools in Gajiram-Nganzai LGA of Borno state.

The boys and girls aged between (6-12) who from the assessment conducted at the 7 IDP Camps and 2 Public primary schools were discovered to lack access to safe and protective learning environment, KABHUDA intends to provide access to these children through the following strategies:

  • Provision of temporary classrooms at the 7 IDP camps in Nganzai LGA (20 Temporary Learning spaces(TLS)- exact location for the TLS are Bakkasi Camp,  Nguro yalabe camp and Market Area Camp.
  • Renovation of 22 classes in Gajiram central and Gajiram 2 primary schools.
  • Provision of 14 latrines and 10 hand washing kits in the 7 IDP Camps and 2 Primary schools for the selected pupils in Nganzai LGA .
  • Provision of teaching and learning supplies to 7000 pupils in the selected IDP camps and the 2 Public Primary schools .
  • Training of 40 teachers.
  • Training of 20 School Management Committee members(SMC).
  • Renovation of 22 classrooms in Gajiram central and Gajiram 2 Public Primary schools.
  • Engagement of 40 Volunteer teachers to teach in the 20 TLS meant for the IDP Children for 10 months.
  • School based Hygiene Promotion sessions in the 20 TLS and 2 Public primary schools. 20 rounds of Hygiene promotion would be conducted over the 10 months’ project duration.
  • Provision of recreation kits to 500 primary 1, 2, 3 female pupils.

The IDP camps under coverage include: Bakassi Camp, Bukarti Camp, Nguro  Yalaye Camp, Market Area Camp and Boarding Primary Camp. Others are: Kirikasamma Camp, Gajiram Central Primary School and Gajiram 2 Primary School.

The main focus of this project are IDP children who have been displaced from their communities and thus forced to move into Gajiram town where existing school facilities are overstretched by pupils in Gajiram central Primary school and Gajiram 2 primary school.

These beneficiaries shall be identified through our collaboration with the community stakeholders and the Camp Managers.

The goal of this integrated project is to provide a comprehensive intervention in partnership with government and other stakeholders to addresses school structure gaps, WASH gaps, gaps on teaching and learning supplies and lack of teacher capacity.

This project commenced implementation on 15 December 2018 and continues up until September,2019.

Project Status: Ongoing.