Mohammed Alkali has diverse qualifications and experience spanning tutoring, company management, tax audit and tax administration, project management, change management and communications and NGO management. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from University of Maiduguri and Masters in Business Management from Nigeria Defense Academy Post Graduate School Kaduna, and a Certified Member, PROSCI Change Management USA and has attended several trainings both local and international. Mohammed was born in 1976 at Maiduguri to a local working class family and had his education in Zaria, Nguru, Maiduguri and Kaduna. He has travelled to Ghana, Niger Republic, Cameroon, Saudi Arabia and UAE. He speaks Kanuri, Hausa, Arabic and English languages.

Mohammed Alkali

He has 15 years of work experience in the following roles: Head, Economics, Imam Malik center Maiduguri, Economics Lecturer Ramat Polytechnic Maiduguri, Company General Manager Al-Quoduoratu Nigeria Limited Maiduguri, Data Officer, Federal Character Commission, Head Tax audit capacity building Tax Audit Department, Federal Inland Revenue Service Abuja, Assistant Team Lead, Change management and Communications Integrated Tax Administration System(ITAS) project Federal Inland Revenue Service Abuja and currently a Senior Inspector of Taxes with the Federal Inland Revenue Service Abuja and he has been with Revenue Authority since 2010.

He founded the Kanem Borno Human Development Association and has been the Chairman governing board of the NGO since 2006.

His specific interest is in people development and management, community and youth development, rural development, environment, children education and social work.

Executive Director

Ibrahim Bukar Wulo was born 1979 in Maiduguri to a local working class family and had his schools in Baga town, Maiduguri and United Kingdom (UK). He has travelled to, Niger Republic, Cameroon, and UK. He speaks Kanuri, Hausa and English languages.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Geology from University of Maiduguri, Masters in Petroleum and Environmental Technology from Coventry University United Kingdom. Member Nigerian Geosciences and mining society and has attended several training, seminars and workshops. Notable among them is the one-month leadership and citizenship training.

Wulo has diverse qualification and experience across, teaching, borehole drilling and maintainers, water and wastewater management, petroleum economics, oil and gas processing, price 11 management skills and environmental management.

He worked in verious places both prive and government organizations and holds the following position and responsibilities: Senoir Geologist Monguno LGA, Manager wulo investment, program manager Kanem Borno Human Development Association, Senoir Program Manager Kanem Borno Human Development Association and currently Executive Director Kanem Borno Human Development Association.

He has been working with Kanem Borno Human Development Association and has held various positions the organization since 2008.

His explicit interest is in women empowering and creating employment for youth, environmental management and children access to basic education.